Everything requires a strong foundation, whether it's a building or a long-term partnership. Since 1978, M&B Civil Pty Ltd has partnered with leading South Australian organisations by delivering high quality civil and concrete construction in and near metropolitan Adelaide. More recently M&B Civil has provided civil and concrete construction, concrete supply and labour hire services to remote areas.

A South Australian based civil construction contractor, M&B Civil works with a wide range of clients such as Santos and, ABB Australia as well as State Government departments including DAIS and Transport SA and local government organisations including the cities of Burnside; Norwood Payneham & St Peters; Marion and, Adelaide.

M&B Civil's Managing Director Tony Mauriello says the company is committed to providing its clients with value, quality and a safe work place. "M&B Civil is committed to providing high quality. We invest the same high level of care in small contracting activities that last for only a few weeks as to multi-million-dollar projects that run for months" he said.

"Regardless of where we operate, we deliver high standards of work that gives our clients the right result the first time. For example, on a recent project in the Cooper Basin, we embedded over 2000 holding down bolts in concrete foundations to receive prefabricated steelwork and machinery - not one of those thousands of holding down bolts, had to be adjusted when the equipment was lowered on to them. That's what we're well known for."

The company maintains a staff of 45 located in Adelaide and the Cooper Basin.

M&B Civil - Adelaide
15 Paula Avenue
Phone [08] 8266 6650 Fax [08] 8266 6625

M&B Civil - Cooper Basin Moomba / Ballera / Jackson
Phone [08] 8675 6617 Fax [08] 8675 6664

Email Us: info@mbcivil.com